Passive-Sonar Swimming Pool Alarm System
The AquaSonuspool alarm system is easy to use, simple to install, responds instantly and provides unparalleled reliable accurate intrusion detection for in-ground pools.  We have purposely designed this pool alarm system to assist you in managing the safety of your swimming pool in a stress free manner.

Our patented AquaSonus passive-sonar pool alAquaSonus™ Swimming Pool Alarm Keeps Your Children Safe arm system consists of two separate units: an intelligent sensor based poolside detector with wireless communication to a multifunction in-house monitor.  The system is completely portable and will monitor any size or shape residential swimming pool.

The poolside unit has a built-in hydrophone (underwater microphone) which we have designed specifically for the acoustics of a swimming pool.  Our proprietary software analyzes these sounds and distinguishes between a child falling into a pool and items such as pumps, toys, rain or debris.
No unit stabilization is required.
No placement testing in the pool is required.
No filter return line adjustments are required.
No sensitivity adjustments are required.
It can be installed in the pool immediately after swimming.

The computer technology used in our passive sonar pool alarm system provides unparalleled accurate detection and immediate communication of a true intrusion event in the matter of seconds.

AquaSonus is honored to have been presented with these prestigious awards:


2006 Sensors Humanitarian Award


Consumer Electronics Association (CEA®)
2006 Innovations Design and Engineering Honoree Award


         The Federal Republic of Germany

         DesignPreis 2006 Nomination


Chicago Athenaeum: Museum for Architecture
 and Design
Good Design® Award Winner



Additional information for the above awards is located on our News page.


Our advanced alarm system is a valuable aid in helping to prevent accidental drowning in a fun family environment, a swimming pool.  We have engineered the AquaSonus alarm system to be the most accurate, trouble free, easy to install and easy to use system available.  AquaSonus is a sound investment for your pool safety.



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Why Child Pool Safety is Important...
•500-550 children under the age of 5 years old drown annually in residential pools and spas.

•3,500-4,000 children have near drowning accidents each year.

•69% of the victims were not expected to be in or near the pool or spa.

•Cost in a chronic care facility for an impaired survivor of a near-drowning event is approximately $100,000/year.



























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