AquaSonus Passive-Sonar Pool Alarm
How It Works...

The patented AquaSonus pool alarm system incorporates passive sonar sensor technology, intelligent intrusion detection software, digital signal processing (DSP), system management software and wireless communications.

AquaSonus™  pool alarm photoThe AquaSonus passive- sonar swimming pool alarm system consists of two separate units which communicate via a wireless radio frequency (RF) link: a digital sensor based poolside detector and a multifunction in-house monitor.

The poolside unit is installed on the edge of the pool and extends into the water.  The portion of the unit which is below the surface of the water contains a custom hydrophone specifically designed for use in swimming pools.  The hydrophone constantly monitors the acoustic sounds present in the swimming pool.  A microprocessor in the poolside unit digitizes these acoustic signals.  The unit implements a proprietary DSP algorithm to analyze these sounds and distinguishes between items such as a pump, toys, rain, debris and an actual intrusion event.

Immediately upon the detection of a child, adult or pet falling into the water, the alarm sounds at poolside.  Simultaneously, a signal is sent from the poolside unit via a wireless RF connection to the monitor unit, sounding its alarm.  In addition to alarms sounding, both unit's red alarm LED will flash rapidly.  The advanced computer technology used in our pool intrusion monitor system provides you with unparalleled detection accuracy and immediate communication of an intrusion event in the matter of only seconds.

As well as excellent accuracy, we have designed our pool alarm system to be virtually trouble free.  The system management software automatically performs a series of system self tests.  All tests results are reported to the in-house monitor.  The poolside unit is battery powered through the use of ultra low power electronics and unique micro-circuitry. 

The second unit of the AquaSonus pool alarm system is a multifunction monitor unit for inside the house.  The monitor informs the pool owner of the status of the AquaSonus pool alarm system.  Its front panel display enables you to quickly check the functionality of the poolside unit when it is installed in the pool, when the poolside unit has been removed from the pool, the battery strength of the poolside unit as well as its own battery back-up strength and, of course, when an intrusion event has occurred.  The monitor unit is powered by an A/C power supply.  It also has built-in battery backup in the event of a power failure.  In addition to the at-a-glance viewing of the display panel, the monitor will simultaneously sound an intrusion alarm when the poolside unit has detected a real intrusion.  As an added feature, the monitor will emit a warning sound when it detects low battery strength either with the poolside unit or itself.  Multiple monitor units may be used with a single poolside unit.

AquaSonus™ passive-sonar pool alarm system photo

AquaSonus passive-sonar pool alarm system, why we are different...
At Poolside:

•Instantaneous detection when a child, adult or pet falls
 into your pool
•Effortless installation, trouble free operation and
 completely portable
•Monitors any size or shape residential swimming pool
•Wireless communications to the in-house monitor up to
  350 feet
Sounds a loud 100 decibel (db) alarm when a pool
  intrusion occurs
•Tamper resistant
•Total system management software automatically
  performs self-testing every 30 minutes and test results
  are sent to the in-house monitor
•Ultra low power design for extended battery life
No placement testing necessary
No sensitivity adjusting necessary
Completely portable
Water resistant
Negligible false alarms

In the House:
•Easy to read LED panel displays the status of the total
  system management software automatic testing:
          -poolside system self-tests
          -wireless communication link from the poolside
          -battery strength of both units
•A/C powered with battery back-up
•Sounds a loud 100db alarm and flashes a red light when
  a pool intrusion occurs

•Automatic monitoring of poolside and in-house unit's
  battery strength
•Tamper resistant
•Conveniently wall mountable for at a glance viewing

The AquaSonus passive-sonar pool alarm system's simplicity is a direct result of our innovative engineering approach.  This has allowed us to produce a new level of pool intrusion monitoring which is easy to use, simple to install, responds instantly and provides reliable detection accuracy.

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Did you know?...
Sound in water travels at a speed of 1500 meters per second.

A hydrophone is a transducer which receives underwater environmental acoustic energy and converts these sound waves into electrical signals.

Sonar is an acronym for SOund NAvigation and Ranging

Passive Sonar is when a transducer converts environmental acoustic energy into electric energy,  like a microphone.

Active Sonar is when a transducer converts electric energy into acoustic energy, like a loudspeaker.  Reflections of this acoustic energy are then detected.

Interested in learning more about Sonar?
Click here for The History of Sonar. PDF

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