Press Release
September 2005:
AquaSonus, LLC Nominated for the DesignPreis 2006
AquaSonus™ pool alarm system nominated for prestigious German design award

AquaSonus, LLC has been notified by Andrej Kupetz, Managing Director of the German Design Council, that the AquaSonus passive-sonar swimming pool alarm has received the nomination for the DesignPreis 2006.  The DesignPreis Award is the official recognition of excellence in design offered by the Federal Republic of Germany. 

The DesignPreis 2006 is sponsored by the Federal Minister for Economics and Labor and run by the German Design Council.  Individuals or companies do not apply for this award; instead they are nominated by the state ministries and senators of economics or by the Federal German Ministry of Economics and Labor.  A condition of nomination is that the product must have previously been awarded a national or international award.  Therefore, this prestigious international award is known as “the Prize of Prizes.”  The products will be judged by an international jury and a maximum of 5 Gold Awards and 20 Silver Awards will be presented in February 2006.  Additional information about the award can be found on the official DesignPreis website.

AquaSonus collaborated on the design of the AquaSonus pool alarm system with Acton, Massachusetts based Product Insight, Inc., an internationally acclaimed product design and development firm.  

The AquaSonus passive-sonar pool alarm system monitors residential swimming pools for accidental intrusions.  The patent pending design incorporates an embedded computer, passive sonar, sensors and low power circuitry with wireless communication.  The Company’s goal with this product is to provide pool owners with accurate, high-speed intrusion monitoring.  As soon as a child falls into the pool, alarms at poolside and in the home sound immediately.  Rapid rescue of a child can save the child’s life and can also limit the possibility of life long disabilities. 

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