Press Release
April 2004:
AquaSonus, LLC Showcases New Passive Sonar Swimming Pool Alarm System

AquaSonus, LLC
, an engineering design firm, successfully demonstrated a new intelligent sensor technology that monitors swimming pools for accidental intrusions.  The system detected an 18 pound mannequin falling into a 40x40 foot in-ground swimming pool in 2.5 seconds, sounded an alarm and simultaneously communicated the accidental intrusion to the monitoring system in the home.

“Accurate, immediate warning of a child, adult or pet falling into an unsupervised pool is critical when trying to prevent a tragic loss of life or serious near drowning injury,” explains Bob Hoenig, computer design architect and co-founder of AquaSonus.  “We have utilized our many years of engineering expertise to design an advanced pool monitoring system based on passive sonar, intelligent sensors, DSP and wireless communication technologies.  Until now, pool owners have been faced with limited options when trying to safeguard their swimming pools from accidental drowning.  We have produced a pool monitoring system which is technically superior to any on the market but also one a pool owner will find simple to install, easy to use and virtually maintenance free”.

The CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control reports that accidental drowning has remained the second leading cause of accidental injury related deaths for children aged 1-14 years nationwide since 1995.

There are 4.3 million residential in-ground pools in the United States.  Additionally, that number is growing by an estimated 161,000 each year.

Child drownings in Europe is as significant a problem as it is in the United States, where there are an estimated 1.2 million swimming pools.  France, the leading market for swimming pools, has recently issued standards for pool safety devices (fences, enclosures, covers and alarm systems) to address this problem.  All in-ground pool owners must be in compliance with these new standards by 2006, or risk a fine of € 45,000.

AquaSonus, LLC’s innovative passive sonar based pool intrusion monitoring system demonstrates a new approach to swimming pool alarm system design.  The incorporation of leading edge sensor technologies with advanced computing power has resulted in a technically advanced consumer product which solves an important child safety problem: accurate detection, fast response time and immediate notification of a child falling into an unsupervised swimming pool.

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