Press Release
November 2006:
AquaSonus’ Bob Hoenig Earns 2006 Sensors Humanitarian Award
Massachusetts Inventor Recognized for Swimming Pool Alarm’s Innovative Technology

AquaSonus, LLC, a leader in aquatic security, announced today that its Co-founder and Chief Technology Architect, Bob Hoenig, has been awarded the distinguished 2006 Sensors Humanitarian Award.  The Sensors Humanitarian Award seeks to honor an individual or group of individuals whose engineering work has helped fellow human beings.  Winners of the Sensors Humanitarian Award are motivated by an incident or situation to help resolve medical or ethical problems.

“In recognition of the extremely innovative technology represented by AquaSonus, and of the undeniable need for such a life-saving device,” states Sensors’ Executive Editor, Stephanie vL Henkel, “the editors of Sensors are pleased to present Bob Hoenig the 2006 Sensors Humanitarian Award.”  As this year’s award recipient, Mr. Hoenig will be featured in Sensors magazine’s November issue: “Compassion in Action: Safeguarding Backyard Swimming Pools."

“AquaSonus is passionate about saving kids in pools.  Receiving this award from an organization that is highly regarded and respected within the engineering community is an honor,” said Mr. Hoenig.

AquaSonus’ patented technology is the basis for the company’s AquaSonus™ passive-sonar pool alarm, an aquatic security system incorporating leading-edge sensor technology, high-speed digital signal processing, passive sonar and a proprietary hydrophone.  The technology was developed and patented by Bob Hoenig.  When installed, the pool alarm’s sensors and computers constantly monitor the pool water environment.  The system listens to the sounds of the pool with a built-in hydrophone.  As soon as a child falls into the pool, alarms at poolside and in the home sound immediately.

About Sensors
Since 1984, Sensors has provided in-depth technology and applications coverage of sensing and related topics, including intelligent systems, wireless data communications, and micro- and nanotechnologies.  The magazine is written for design, production, and manufacturing engineers looking to add value and improve performance through the detection, control, and measurement of specific physical properties and conditions.  Sensors presented its first Sensors Humanitarian Award in 2005.  Questex Media Group, Inc., the parent company of Sensors, is headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts.  Additional information about the award and Sensors can be viewed at:

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