Press Release
October 2004:
AquaSonus, LLC to Unveil New Pool Alarm at International Pool and Spa Expo

New technology “listens likes a mother’s second pair of ears”

AquaSonus, LLC announced today that it will unveil its AquaSonus passive- sonar pool alarm system at the 2004 International Pool and Spa Expo held in Las Vegas, Nevada December 1-3, 2004.  AquaSonus will be exhibiting at IPSE booth #2398.

Company Co-founder, Bill Roberts, said the product launch of the AquaSonus pool alarm system has been greatly anticipated throughout the industry.  “We have dedicated our efforts during the past 2˝ years to developing a totally new approach to pool security monitoring.  The AquaSonus system listens like a mother’s second pair of ears.  The pool owner sets the hydrophone into the pool water and the system listens to the pool’s acoustics.  When a child, adult or pet falls into the pool, the system’s multiple alarms immediately sound.  The technologies of passive sonar, intelligent sensors, DSP, low power circuitry and wireless communications make this possible.”  The AquaSonus pool alarm is the first pool alarm system to offer such technically advanced pool monitoring capabilities.

More than 14,000 pool and spa professionals from around the world will attend this December’s show.  “A major trade show like IPSE offers us an international audience for our product launch.  Childhood accidental drowning is a worldwide problem.  Pool industry professionals as well as individual pool owners across the globe have asked us for a product like this,” Mr. Roberts added.  “The AquaSonus system’s unique advantages of unparalleled accuracy, speed of detection, simple of installation and ease of customer use will be appreciated by everyone.  We are looking forward to an exciting and productive show in Las Vegas.”

AquaSonus is currently arranging meetings with potential distribution and retail partners.  Companies interested in learning more about AquaSonus, LLC and the opportunity to be part of a new approach to swimming pool security monitoring should contact Mr. Bill Roberts at 978-970-3547 or email

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