Press Release
January 2005:
AquaSonus, LLC Wins GOOD DESIGN® Award
The Chicago Anthenaem Museum of Architecture and Design Recognizes Design Excellence of AquaSonus

AquaSonus, LLC an engineering design firm, today announced the AquaSonus passive-sonar swimming pool alarm has been recognized by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum for Architecture and Design as a winner in the GOOD DESIGN  competition.  “The GOOD DESIGN Award recognizes superiority in innovation, construction, function and utility.  We are honored that the Chicago Athenaeum has recognized our design as one of the best in the world”, said Bob Hoenig, Co-Founder.

Founded in 1950, GOOD DESIGN recognizes design firms and manufacturers that have advanced new and innovative product concepts beyond what is considered standard product and consumer design. The jury of architects, designers, and authorities in the design community chose the 2004 winners from over hundreds of entries representing 40 countries.  Award decisions are based on criteria stated in the original 1950 GOOD DESIGN program; which measures innovation, form, materials, construction, concept, function and utility.  Product appearance and aesthetic appeal are also considered.  The GOOD DESIGN annual exhibition will begin in late spring at the Chicago Athenaeum’s Main Museum in Chicago, Illinois.  Following the exhibition, the winning entries are entered into the Chicago Athenaeum Permanent Design Collection.  The complete list of 2004 winners can be found on the Chicago Athenaeum Museum's website

AquaSonus collaborated on the design of the AquaSonus pool alarm system with Acton, Massachusetts based Product Insight, Inc., an internationally acclaimed product design and development firm.

The new AquaSonus passive-sonar pool alarm system monitors residential swimming pools for accidental intrusions.  The patent pending design incorporates an embedded computer, passive sonar, sensors, and, low power circuitry with wireless communication.  Integrating these advanced technologies for a pool intrusion monitoring system has never been accomplished before.

The Company’s goal with this product is to provide pool owners with accurate, high-speed intrusion monitoring.  As soon as a child falls into the pool, alarms at poolside and in the home sound immediately.  Rapid rescue of a child can save the child’s life and can also limit the possibility of life long disabilities.

AquaSonus is currently arranging meetings with potential business partners.  Companies interested in learning more about AquaSonus, LLC and the opportunity to be part of a new approach to swimming pool security monitoring should contact Co-Founder, Bill Roberts, at 978-970-3547 or email:

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