Press Release
August 2007:
AquaSonus, LLC Granted Patent for the AquaSonus Pool Monitor
Company extends pool alarm patent portfolio

AquaSonus, LLC, a leader in aquatic security, announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued design patent number D548,681 for AquaSonus’ award winning passive-sonar pool monitor.  Design patents are granted for new, original or ornamental designs of functional articles of manufacture.  An article protected by a design patent cannot be made, used, copied or imported to the United States.  Prior to receiving the design patent, AquaSonus’ pool alarm system’s aesthetics had been recognized by industry; most notably as a recipient of the GOOD DESIGN® award.

 AquaSonus holds two broad utility patents for their AquaSonus passive-sonar pool monitoring system, No. 6,980,109 and No. 7,019,649.  AquaSonus’ system and method for intrusion detection in a swimming pool is exclusive to the company until 2025.  AquaSonus’ design patent guarantee rights for 14 years.  During that time, AquaSonus may prohibit anyone from making or selling items covered by the design patent or made using the processes covered by the utility patents, and may take legal action, if necessary, to stop a violation of its patent rights

AquaSonus’ patented approach to aquatic security monitoring offers a technically advanced consumer product providing rapid, accurate detection and immediate notification of a child falling into an unsupervised swimming pool.  When installed, the system’s sensors and computers constantly monitor the pool environment.  The system listens to the sounds in the pool water with a built-in hydrophone.  If a child falls into the pool, alarms at poolside and in the home sound immediately.

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