Press Release
December 2005:
AquaSonus Granted Patent for Fundamental Aquatic Security Technology
Newly Patented Technology is Key for Accurate and Speedy Detection of Child Intrusions in Swimming Pools

AquaSonus, LLC, a leader in aquatic security, announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent for the company’s, “System and Method for Monitoring Intrusion Detection in a Pool”, filed on October 30, 2003. 

AquaSonus has been granted patent number 6,980,109 for a fundamental method that enables the monitoring and detection of intrusions in swimming pools.  This technology is the basis for the company’s AquaSonus™ passive-sonar pool alarm, an aquatic security system incorporating embedded sensors, high speed digital signal processing, passive sonar and a proprietary hydrophone.

The technology was developed and patented by Bob Hoenig, the company’s Co-founder and Chief Technology Architect.

AquaSonus’ patented approach to aquatic security monitoring offers a technically advanced consumer product providing rapid, accurate detection and immediate notification of a child falling into an unsupervised swimming pool.  When installed, the system’s sensors and computers constantly monitor the pool water environment.  The system listens to the sounds of the pool with a built-in hydrophone.  As soon as a child falls into the pool, alarms at poolside and in the home sound immediately.


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