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Business: Engineering Design Firm
Founded: May 2002
Ownership: Privately Held


AquaSonus’ goal is to combine our many years of experience architecting high performance computer hardware and software with unique sensor technologies to solve a wide range of problems.  Our mission is to offer technically sophisticated solutions that are cost effective, reliable and user friendly.


Management Team
AquaSonus, LLC lead by its co-founders, Bob Hoenig and Bill Roberts.


Bob Hoenig has been architecting high performance computers for 25 years.  His designs are embedded in some of our nation's most sophisticated defense and medical diagnostic systems, including radar, sonar, bomb detection, unmanned aircraft, MRI and CT imaging systems to name a few.  In addition to his technical expertise, Mr. Hoenig has over 25 years of leadership experience with a successful track record of P&L management.  Most recently, he was General Manager and Chief Technology Officer of the Sky Computers division of Analogic Corporation, which was responsible for numerical accelerator products including array processors and desktop super computers.  Under Mr. Hoenig’s leadership, the company successfully entered a new major market (industrial imaging) improved ROI and was able to deliver to employees their highest profit sharing payment in the company’s history.  Prior to his promotion to GM, he spent 7 years as Sky’s Vice President of Engineering, where he provided technical direction, co-invented the ANSI standard SKYchannel, and, became a key contributor to the company’s return to profitability and revenue growth.  Before that, Mr. Hoenig worked as Director of Engineering for Raster Technologies, where he was responsible for all engineering development for the graphics terminal product line.  Mr. Hoenig worked at Wang Laboratories and Tele/Resources prior to joining Raster Technologies.  He holds a BS in physics and a MS in computer science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


Bill Roberts has been a private practitioner and corporate executive with responsibilities in law, human resources, computer sales and marketing.  He has been involved in successful team building and business management for 25 plus years.  Prior to AquaSonus, Mr. Roberts was Vice President, Human Resources and Contract Administration for the Sky Computers division of Analogic Corporation, which was responsible for numerical accelerator products including array processors and desktop super computers.  He shared in the responsibility for the firm’s strategic direction and annual business plan, product development plans, market/product pairing, annual budgets and organizational structure.  In addition to recruiting senior and key technical staff, he was responsible for domestic and international legal matters including distribution agreements, licensing and technology transfer agreements and litigation.  Before his 12 years at Sky Computers, Mr. Roberts was principal founder of Roberts & Company, a Manhattan based executive search firm servicing the financial and banking industry.  Prior to that, he held the number two human resource position for Warner Lambert’s Parke Davis and General Diagnostics manufacturing units.  Mr. Roberts practiced general law for 7 years before that.  He is a main committee member of the American Society for Testing & Materials sub-committee F15.49.  This committee has developed the first industry standard specification for pool alarms.  He holds a BS in psychology from Fairleigh Dickenson University and a JD from Rutgers University Law School.


Description:  AquaSonus’ first product is the patented AquaSonus pool alarm system.  The system consists of two units: one at poolside and one in the home.  The poolside unit contains a hydrophone (underwater microphone) which monitors to the acoustics of the swimming pool.  The unit’s embedded computers and intelligent sensors constantly monitor the pool for an accidental intrusion.  Immediately upon the detection of a child, adult or pet into the in-ground pool, the unit sounds a loud 100 db alarm at poolside and at the in-house unit.  The in-house unit displays the system’s operational status as well as its own back-up battery strength.


The product is based on the idea of embedding advanced computer technologies, passive sonar and wireless communications in a package which the user will find easy to use, simple to install and provides highly accurate intruder detection.  This is the first pool security monitoring product to incorporate these advanced technologies.


System Specifications
U.S. System Specifications
Construction: Rugged ASA plastic housing.  It retains its color and mechanical properties under long term exposure to UV, moisture, heat and pool chemicals.
Processor: 8051 compatible mixed signal, 25 MIPS peak, with A/D converter
Software: Proprietary digital signal processing algorithm
Sensor: Proprietary piezoelectric transducer
Power: Poolside is battery, Monitor is A/C with battery back-up
Communications: Poolside is wireless transmitter, Monitor is wireless receiver
Environmental: Operating Ranges: 32° F to 120° F
                        Storage Ranges: -20° F to 130° F
Warranty: One year
Awards: 2006 Sensors Humanitarian Award
              2006 CEA® Innovations Design and Engineering Award
              DesignPreis 2006 Nomination
              2004 GOOD DESIGN®


Poolside Unit
Detection Method: Patented underwater acoustic signal detection via hydrophone, digital signal processing and proprietary algorithmic software.
Event Detection Time:  2.5 seconds in a 1,600 sq. ft. pool (40' x 40' )
Wireless Communications: RF Transmitter, 418 MHz frequency band
                                         RF Range: up to 350 feet
Power: Six AA alkaline/lithium batteries in a 9 volt battery pack.  9 volt battery can be used; keeping in mind battery life will be less than AA battery pack.
Alarm: 100 db at 10 feet
Physical Dimensions: 18" H x 8" D x 8" W
Weight: 6 lbs.


Monitor Unit
Wireless Communications: RF Receiver, 418 MHz frequency band
                                         Receiving Range: up to 350 feet
Power: 110 volt power supply with 9 volt alkaline/lithium battery back-up.
Alarm: 100 db at 10 feet
Physical dimensions: 5¼" H x 2¼" D x 4" W
Weight: 4 ounces




Product Images
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AquaSonus™ pool alarm photo: top view of poolside unit

AquaSonus™ pool alarm top view photo, 300 dpi 675 x 900 jpeg

AquaSonus ™ pool alarm top view photo,300 dpi 1575 x 2100 jpg

AquaSonus™ passive-sonar pool alarm system photoAquaSonus™ pool alarm system photo, 300 dpi 900 x 675 jpg

AquaSonus™ pool alarm system photo, 300dpi 2100 x 1575 jpg

AquaSonus™ pool alarm photo: side view of poolside unit
AquaSonus™ pool alarm side view photo, 300 dpi 675 x 900 jpg

AquaSonus™ pool alarm side view photo, 300 dpi 1575 x 2100 jpg

AquaSonus™ pool alarm photo: poolside unitsAquaSonus™ poolside units photo, 300 dpi  675 x 900 jpg

AquaSonus™ poolside units photo,  300 dpi 2100 x 1575 jpg




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